Designing a system of complementary experiences

Establishing Bendy's initial mobile app offering through design sprints and feedback sessions with the developer and founder

Our Brief

A digital startup that connects yoga teachers and students was looking to build the first version of their app. The team consisted of 3 people: The founder, the iOS developer, and the designer (me).

Our Approach

Our team adopted a quasi lean startup work methodology. A website for the startup existed as reference for branding though much of the core functionality would still need to be developed, for example, how would the teacher and student sides work independently and come together when needed? I was in charge of building all the screens and iterating based on weekly feedback from my teammates and users.

Our Outcomes

The UX/UI were developed through several iterations. Branding and consistency bring together the teacher and student platforms while making the main actions simple to complete.

Below: The system flow of both student and teacher sides of the platform